Remo Gramigna with Laura Remmel @ Tartu JazzClub

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Remo Gramigna feat. La Dolce Lingua

Remo Gramigna has taught Italian at Studio Lingua for years. He balances his work at the University teaching semiotics with band rehearsals and long sessions of cooking with friends. How did he end up in Tartu? Isn’t it too cold here?

Three summers ago I happened to be in South Italy at the same time as our Italian teacher Remo. We decided to have a lunch together at his parent’s house in Malvito. In a few hours me and my two musician friends were starting our journey from Cosenza to Remo’s place – to enjoy a day with the real Italians! This lunch was amazing – one to remember! We got to see the real way of enjoying a meal. I guess we met most of Remo’s relatives, neighbours, friends, who just popped in to say ”Hi!” or to have lunch with us. There was so much talking, laughter .. and of course, in the end we had a long photo session overlooking the valleys of Italy. A place, where you long to go back to..

Laura Remmel – Studio Lingua Project Manager

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