A personal study programme is one of the cornerstones of efficient language training, ensuring the increase of motivation because a student knows the vocabulary being learnt can be instantly put into practice.

We have composed materials and study programmes of several spheres. Before a course we will carry out language tests in order to ensure the similar level of a group. This will be followed by a meeting of the teacher and the managers and/or employees of your company where we can map the run of training both concerning topics and length.

In-house keeleõpe
The length of a course depend on your wishes but the recommendable number of academic hours is beginning from 40. The course can be shorter when your aim is to have a
short course during which you concentrate on one language element. For example, official correspondence (composition of e-mails, replying), small-talk etc.

Previously, we have trained medical staff, dentists, doctors, front-line people, hotel staff, border guards, civil engineers and the representatives of other specialities.

Price of one academic hour is beginning from 27 EUR +VAT. The price includes the conducting of language tests, preparation time by a teacher and transport within central town.

Read about our teachers in our web journal La Dolce Lingua that you can find in our blog and also on Issuu website. 

All the courses are led by a personal project manager who administrates the run of a course and, in case of need, makes operative changes.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions!

Laura Remmel
+53 422 188

Martina Põldvere
+522 00 99

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