Pille Tammela – a wonderful artist and a big fan of Norwegian language – is the guest of our first edition of MiniView. Long newspaper articles and never-ending meetings aren’t popular anymore, so we decided to create something that would give you a burst of inspiration in just a few lines.

Pille Tammela Studio Lingua

1. How did you end up learning Norwegian?

I got acquainted to Norwegian language a long time ago. It was due to a lucky chance that I was chosen in 1991 to take part in the studies of a people’s University in the northern part of Norway. Later in my life I have travelled numerous times to the South and Mid-Norway, but the miraculous nature in the North and especially the Senja island and the Lofoten have still the ability to amaze me.

2. Has the culture also somehow touched you? For example your art.

Yes, in Norway I was positively infected by the trolls and they still appear in my art. The Estonian art fans have already learned to love them..

Maal pärineb 2015. aasta näituselt Gildi galeriist.

This painting was on exhibition this spring at the Tartu Gildi Gallery

3. What has been the brightest memory of this summer?

As I just arrived from a vacation in Lithuania, then I would say that the most exciting experience has been visiting the Klaipeda Dolphinarium. 

Tammela Pille

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