Should you be looking for an individual approach in both course content and scheduling, we have the solution to fit you. We can simply agree on a time and place, put together the appropriate materials, and off we go.

In addition to learning in groups, it is also possible to be trained individually. The advantages of personalized instruction include total flexibility in scheduling as well as content.

How to plan your trainings

Think flexibly! Twice a week for 45 minutes, or one-hour distance learning via Skype matched with another 60 minutes through presence learning. Why not take an intensive, weekend language training together with your team?

Be creative! Let us help you to innovate.

And be prepared—since you won’t have a neighbor who can help you out when you haven’t done your homework.

Flexible schedule
Be creative & let us help you!

The price of one academic hour includes the preparation time by a teacher, conducting of language tests and composition of a personal study programme.

All the courses are led by a personal project manager who administrates the run of a course and, in case of need, makes operative changes.

Read about our teachers in our web journal La Dolce Lingua that you can find in our blog and also on Issuu website.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions!

Laura Põldvere
+53 422 188

Martina Põldvere
+522 00 99

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