Language Training

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Save both your and your employees’ valuable time. We will come to your office at the moment that fits your organization’s schedule and teach the specific language skills that are needed.

We form the educational program around the organization’s specifics, priorities and goals. The content is shaped by collaboration between the instructor and the participants in order to guarantee the most effective language training.

Learning together motivates you and your employees. No time is lost in travelling to a language school. 

One academic hour of instruction (45 minutes) starts at 30 euros (plus tax). This includes the instructor’s preparations, their local transport to your location, the assessment of the participants’ language skills, and training for a group of up to eight people.

A specific project manager is assigned to handle the complete course development and make changes according to evolving needs.


We offer training in the following languages: Estonian, English, Swedish, Russian, French, Italian, German, Norwegian, Japanese and Portuguese.

Meet our team of instructors through our online magazine “La Dolce Lingua”, which can be found on our blog as well as through the Issuu website.

Contact us; we are looking forward to answering your questions!

Laura Põldvere
+53 422 188

Martina Põldvere
+522 00 99


Katrin Tääker feat. La Dolce Lingua

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Again another birthday girl in our team! And as we have a tiny tradition this year to give out English versions of our magazine La Dolce Lingua, then here it is!

And Happy-Happy Birthday, Katrin :)

Katrin Tääker feat. La Dolce Lingua


La Dolce Lingua feat. Eve Luik (ENG)

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Happy Birthday, our sweet Eve!

We are not quite sure how many students Eve has taught over the past 10 years, but we can say that there has been a lot of them! And the loveliest thing is that Eve’s students whom we meet now in new situations mention that they had such a fun time studying with her! They never forget :)

Eve Luik

A year has passed from the Estonian edition of La Dolce Lingua feat. Eve Luik. So we thought that the most suitable thing would be to release the English edition on her birthday.

La Dolce Lingua feat. Eve Luik (ENG)

Let the sun shine for her!

MiniView vol. 1 – Artist Pille Tammela enchanted by Norway

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Pille Tammela – a wonderful artist and a big fan of Norwegian language – is the guest of our first edition of MiniView. Long newspaper articles and never-ending meetings aren’t popular anymore, so we decided to create something that would give you a burst of inspiration in just a few lines.

Pille Tammela Studio Lingua

1. How did you end up learning Norwegian?

I got acquainted to Norwegian language a long time ago. It was due to a lucky chance that I was chosen in 1991 to take part in the studies of a people’s University in the northern part of Norway. Later in my life I have travelled numerous times to the South and Mid-Norway, but the miraculous nature in the North and especially the Senja island and the Lofoten have still the ability to amaze me.

2. Has the culture also somehow touched you? For example your art.

Yes, in Norway I was positively infected by the trolls and they still appear in my art. The Estonian art fans have already learned to love them..

Maal pärineb 2015. aasta näituselt Gildi galeriist.

This painting was on exhibition this spring at the Tartu Gildi Gallery

3. What has been the brightest memory of this summer?

As I just arrived from a vacation in Lithuania, then I would say that the most exciting experience has been visiting the Klaipeda Dolphinarium. 

Tammela Pille

Sven Tallo feat. La Dolce Lingua (ENG)

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La Dolce Lingua is going English! 

Studio Lingua suvi

All editions of LDL are one day going to be also in English for our foreign friends to read and for you to practise your English.

Sven Tallo who is going to be leading the conference ”Your English Day” is the one to be in the spotlight this Monday morning. Have a cup of coffee and read about his hobbies, passions and why he loves teaching English.

Sven Tallo feat. La Dolce Lingua (ENG)

Or meet him in person on the 17th of September at Hotel Europe @ ”Your English Day” workshop!

All issues of La Dolce Lingua are available via our website’s Blog section and

A healthy portion of English – Your English Day

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Your English Day - Studio Lingua

On the 17th of September Studio Lingua feat. FastLeader is organising a one-day conference for English learners. Our English teacher Sven Tallo is sharing with all participants a healthy portion of tips how to study English on one’s own.

– structure of business letters & special vocabulary
– web-based learning environments
– business related phone calls
– small-talk

If you have any friends or colleagues that would like to take part in our conference, then share them the info :)

Share the info!

Baltic Project Management Days ”And the Oscar goes to..”

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Laura Remmel Baltic PM Days

Baltic PM Days is this year going to take place in Tallinn. Over 300 participants both from private and public sectors are awaited to attend a two-day event. Well known companies and speakers will share their views and experiences at the Baltic Project Management Days 2015.

“Baltic PM Days” is a training and networking event for  businesses as well as for the public sector and NGOs. Local, regional and international speakers, course leaders and workshop facilitators from industry, business, government, academy and professional associations will share their experience.

Some of the speakers are Tom Taylor, Siim Kallas, Tiina Lokk and Studio Lingua Project Manager Laura Remmel.

Laura Remmel is going to share how putting improvisation into practise has helped her to lead hundreds of small projects:
”I LOVE making mistakes: improvisation as a means to success by making mistakes”

Speakers have linked their themes to films that have inspired them the most. Laura Remmel chose for the first conference day the 2013 movie ”The Kings of Summer”.

Check out the trailer!

Take a look at the schedule and if something inspires you come and join us at the Baltic PM Days 2015!

Remo Gramigna feat. La Dolce Lingua

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Remo Gramigna with Laura Remmel @ Tartu JazzClub

Click and get inspired by our new volume of La Dolce Lingua:

Remo Gramigna feat. La Dolce Lingua

Remo Gramigna has taught Italian at Studio Lingua for years. He balances his work at the University teaching semiotics with band rehearsals and long sessions of cooking with friends. How did he end up in Tartu? Isn’t it too cold here?

Three summers ago I happened to be in South Italy at the same time as our Italian teacher Remo. We decided to have a lunch together at his parent’s house in Malvito. In a few hours me and my two musician friends were starting our journey from Cosenza to Remo’s place – to enjoy a day with the real Italians! This lunch was amazing – one to remember! We got to see the real way of enjoying a meal. I guess we met most of Remo’s relatives, neighbours, friends, who just popped in to say ”Hi!” or to have lunch with us. There was so much talking, laughter .. and of course, in the end we had a long photo session overlooking the valleys of Italy. A place, where you long to go back to..

Laura Remmel – Studio Lingua Project Manager

Stuart Garlick & La Dolce Lingua vol. 5

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Introducing our special number of La Dolce Lingua!

This time our guest is Stuart Garlick, who inspires people by teaching English, writing a blog and giving courses on work culture in Britain.

What do you need for a proper English breakfast?

What do you need for a proper English breakfast?

Stuart Garlick:

”If you’re good at something you shouldn’t stop there. That’s what I’ve gotten from my family.
I like to do many things at once and maybe I don’t become so good at one thing.. I guess I don’t know on what to focus during my whole life. I like to be versatile.”

La Dolce Lingua vol. 5

Online magazine La Dolce Lingua

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La Dolce Lingua click here to read the article

La Dolce Lingua is Studio Lingua’s online magazine, which is going to introduce you people, who inspire us. During our first interview we met our friend and artist Madis Liplap, who talked about things and people he loves.