Laura Remmel Baltic PM Days

Baltic PM Days is this year going to take place in Tallinn. Over 300 participants both from private and public sectors are awaited to attend a two-day event. Well known companies and speakers will share their views and experiences at the Baltic Project Management Days 2015.

“Baltic PM Days” is a training and networking event for  businesses as well as for the public sector and NGOs. Local, regional and international speakers, course leaders and workshop facilitators from industry, business, government, academy and professional associations will share their experience.

Some of the speakers are Tom Taylor, Siim Kallas, Tiina Lokk and Studio Lingua Project Manager Laura Remmel.

Laura Remmel is going to share how putting improvisation into practise has helped her to lead hundreds of small projects:
”I LOVE making mistakes: improvisation as a means to success by making mistakes”

Speakers have linked their themes to films that have inspired them the most. Laura Remmel chose for the first conference day the 2013 movie ”The Kings of Summer”.

Check out the trailer!

Take a look at the schedule and if something inspires you come and join us at the Baltic PM Days 2015!

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