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studiolinguaicon Personnel Development Package

Human Resources Agency Studio Lingua deals with the personnel development of both small and large enterprises.

The personnel development package includes the analysis of the company’s need for training, the planning and accomplishment of trainings, the analysis of training results.

Proceeding from the size of the company, we conduct the analysis of training need among all employees or managers. As the result of the need for training, we can plan the trainings holding in view the goals, needs and budget of the company.

Our lecturers are renowned trainers who have lots of practical experiences and who have conducted shorter and longer training sessions for the managers and employees of both small and large enterprises.


We conduct trainings on three different levels:

Development of Leaders / Training of Managers / Basic Training

studiolinguaicon Development of Leaders

The development of leaders takes place through various development programmes such as one-to-one coachingteam coaching or club development programme.

Proceeding from the needs of the leader/leaders of the company, we determine the development programme suitable for them.

The programmes are supported and realized by experienced coaches and instructors who have long-term experiences at the training of both small and large enterprises.

studiolinguaicon Training of Managers

We will give company managers the knowledge about self-management and the management of people. Proceeding from the results of the analysis of the need for training, the company profile and the sphere of activity, we will compose the training programme for managers so that they would become more confident and efficient managers. Knowing that good employees leave, first of all, the manager, we must pay special attention to the support, training and guidance of the managers’ level of the company.

We offer over 100 different management topics that can be conducted in different forms of training.

studiolinguaicon Basic Trainings

We offer various trainings to develop the employees of the company: public speaking trainings, language trainings, time management and various trainings that help people to manage themselves and their time, emotions, fear, stress and joy.

Proceeding from the results of the analysis of the need for training, the company profile and the orientation, we will ascertain the goal, content and amount of training.

Basic trainings are suitable for all employees and it is possible to perform them in different forms of training, different amount, and they are also suitable for carrying out team actions or for making team culture more efficient.

studiolinguaicon Language Training

Save your time and employees. We will come to your office, at the time suitable to you and your employees and teach the language you need.

We will compose the study programme proceeding from the specificity and interests of the company and the aim of training. In order to ensure the most efficient training, the content of the training is generated in cooperation between the teacher and the learners. Learning together motivates both you and your employees, and what’s more: you will save time when you do not need to drive to language courses.

studiolinguaicon MISTAKES ARE GOOD (VOH or Vead on Head)

Public speaking training

Through improvisation we help the teams of various spheres to improve the elements necessary in management and public speaking. Diction, visual thinking, moving and voice melody are the elements which constitute the basics of high-level art of performance.

Some teams who we have helped in this area: Tallinn TV Tower, ABC Supermarkets, Häcker Kitchen, Estonian Fairs, Good Service Conference, Baltic PM Days, Raintree, DNB Bank, Estravel.

And it is nice to recognize that the Estonian people are not so reserved as you thought!




Experienced instructors conduct training for corporate leaders. Our instructors have entrepreneurial experience and long-term experience with small and large businesses in Estonia as well as in other countries.

Also a very important aspect in language study is the co-operation with the trainers. Due to that we started an online magazine La Dolce Lingua to give you a glimpse of the trainers before you meet them eye to eye. 

What are their hobbies? Do they love adventure or prefer an hour with a good book? La Dolce Lingua gives you all that!

La Dolce Lingua feat. Eve Luik  – English

La Dolce Lingua feat. Katrin Tääker  – Finnish, Estonian

La Dolce Lingua feat. Sven Tallo  – English

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